Composer: Lehar, Franz 1870 - 1948

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Lehár’s Zigeunerliebe (Gypsy Love - 1909) is one of three operettas the composer produced in a three-month period following his somewhat unsuccessful Der Mann mit den drei Frauen (1908). Zigeunerliebe, however, was a great success, with Lehár’s score proving to be one of his most melodically inventive, harmonically daring, and instrumentally colourful. The Romanian and Hungarian setting of the operetta further allowed Lehár to infuse the score with a Balkan flavour, and many numbers from the operetta became famous - including Zorika’s czárdás, Hör’ ich Cymbalklänge (I hear the sound of cymbals). SYNOPSIS: A young woman, Zorika, is engaged to Jonel, but is unsure of her feelings toward him. She is at the same time fascinated with the adventurous Gypsy violinist, Józsi. Zorika recalls the popular belief that, if a bride drinks of the water of the Czerna River, she will be able to see the future. After taking a handful of the water, Zorika falls asleep and dreams of a less-than-perfect future with Józsi. When she awakens, she decides to spend her life with Jonel.

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