Composer: Lehar, Franz 1870 - 1948

Franz Lehár’s Frasquita was premiered in 1922, and was his second stage work to open in Vienna that year, following Frühling in January 1922. The operetta features the famous “Hab’ ein blaues Himmelbett”, which has often been re-arranged and performed as the popular Frasquita Serenade. SYNOPSIS: Armand Mirabeau, a wealthy young Parisian, arrives at a Spanish seaport with his friend Hippolyt to meet his fiancée Dolly Girot. Armand, by chance, meets a local gipsy girl, the dancer Frasquita. Frasquita soon becomes the star of the Spanish nightclub “Alhambra” and takes her revenge on Armand – he had once falsely accused her of theft – by refusing his advances although she is madly in love with him. Back in Paris, Dolly, deeply offended by Armand’s fickle behaviour, marries Hippolyt. Frasquita, who has realised that she truly loves Armand, pursues, and is reunited with her, only true love.

2(2 dbl Picc). 2.2.2. / / Timp / Perc / Cel / Hp / Str

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