Composer: Lehar, Franz 1870 - 1948

Version: 0

Clo-Clo, a Follies Beregere revue star, has a coterie of suitors who will do anything for her. Her favourite, Maxime, has youth but no money, while Severin (the Mayor of Perpignan), is the opposite, and provides her with financial backing. Severin’s wife intercepts a begging letter from Clo-Clo calling him Papa, believes her to be his love-child, and decides to mother her. Later on, Clo-Clo is arrested for punching a policeman, and escapes to the provincial town of Perpignan with the help of the Severin and his wife, but things quickly unravel as the law is hot on her trail. All ends well, however, and Clo-Clo is happily united with Maxime.

2.2.2+Sax.2. / / Timp / Perc / Cel / Hp / Str


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