The backbone of the Weinberger catalogue, operetta is an artform that found its popularity in Germany and Austria in the 19th century, latterly becoming popular in the US, the UK and Australia! Our catalogue spans composers from Abraham to Zeller, including Lehár and Kálmán, the two main composers who found fame in this genre. We have the works in their original language and a resurgence in the artform from the middle of the twentieth century was given impetus with excellent English-language translations from the likes of Harry Pepper, Christopher Hassall and, latterly, Jeremy Sams. Our catalogue includes both amateur (Operatic Society) and professional versions of many famous works. Andre Tchaikowsky’s The Merchant of Venice is one of the jewels in the crown of our catalogue. Completed in 1982 and given its posthumous premiere in Bregenz (Austria) in 2013, the work won the Opera Premiere of the Year; a testament to the quality of this work, which has received subsequent performances in Poland and the UK.


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