Juxheirat, Der

Composer: Lehar, Franz 1870 - 1948

One of Lehár’s earliest operettas, Der Juxheirat (The Mock Marriage - 1904) was the immediately predeccesor to the following year’s Die Lustige Witwe, A millionaire’s daughter, widowed after a failed marriage, has become a man-hater. Her latest suitor devises the ingenious plan of getting his sister engaged as maid in her household, to spread the news that his sister is an eccentric who dresses like a man. When he himself appears, she believes him to be his sister and agrees to marry him, hoping to expose him then as a woman. When he discovers she has been duped, she runs away. They meet again after three months when, even though she throws the marriage contract in his face, it is clear to all that she has fallen in love with him.

V/S C/P Lib O/S


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