Gipsy Love (Zigeunerliebe)

Composer: Lehar, Franz 1870 - 1948

Version: English version - translation by Adam Carstairs

Lehár’s Zigeunerliebe (Gypsy Love - 1909) is one of three operettas the composer produced in a three-month period following his somewhat unsuccessful Der Mann mit den drei Frauen (1908). Zigeunerliebe, however, was a great success, with Lehár’s score proving to be one of his most melodically inventive, harmonically daring, and instrumentally colourful. SYNOPSIS: In this latest version of the operetta, the setting is Victorian England. Antonio, a passionate young gipsy, loves Miranda - the high-born fiancée of a young nobleman. She elopes with Antonia, but her romantic dreams are soon shattered and reprisals are threatened against the whole Romany tribe. He sacrifices his hopes of happiness for the sake of his people - and Miranda. Another gloriously melodious score from the pen of the world’s best-loved operetta composer.

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