Blaue Mazur, Die

Composer: Lehar, Franz 1870 - 1948

Version: 0

Die blaue Mazur (1920) is one of Lehar’s lesser-known operettas, taken from his middle period. The mysterious title Die blaue Mazur, or The blue Mazur, is explained only towards the end of the operetta, when we find out it refers to the last dance at all-night Polish balls. More specifically, it’s a mazurka played as the blue streaks of dawn appear, and can only be danced by a Polish man with his one and only true love. SYNOPSIS: The Polish Count and ex-playboy Julian Olinski is preparing to celebrate his wedding to Blanka von Lossin. She, however, is not satisfied that his past is left behind him, and her suspicions seem confirmed when Julian’s old flame Gretl turns up - Blanka overhears Julian’s confession to his best friend Adolar that married fife might be tedious. Blanka runs off to take refuge with Adolar’s uncle and it takes all Gretl and Adolar’s wiles and charm to finally bring about the reconciliation of the pair.

Instrumentation / / Timp / Perc / Cel / Hp / Str


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