Tänzerin Fanny Elssler, Die

Composer: Strauss II, Johann 1825 - 1899

Version: English Version by ??

Die Tänzerin Fanny Elssler tells the story of famed Austrian dancer Fanny (1810-1884), whose father Johann was Haydn’s copyist and valet. Elssler was one of the most important ballerinas of the Romantic era, dancing in Paris, London and the United States during the 1830s and 40s. The opera is set in Eisenstadt, Vienna and Meidling in early 1831, and deals with Fanny’s various romantic and professional entanglements. Features the well loved aria “Draussen im Sievering.”

2 (2 dbl picc). 2.2.2. / / timp / perc / cel / hp / str


Cranz / JW

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