Karneval in Rom, Der

Operette in drei Akten (4 Bildern) - Textliche Neugestaltung von Eugen Rex, Musikalische Bearbeitung von Franz Marszalek

Composer: Strauss II, Johann 1825 - 1899

Version: Original

Strauss’ second operetta, Der Karneval in Rom (1873), saw the composer emerge from the musical influence of Jacques Offenbach, whose stylistic traits had been evident in his previous work, Indigo und die Vierzig Rauber (1871). Der Karneval in Rom tells the story of painter Arthur Bryk’s journey through Italy. Bryk meets a Swiss girl, Marie, falls in love with her, paints her, and promises to marry her. He thens travels to Rome, where he again falls in love, this time with the unworthy (and already married) Countess Falconi. Marie, meanwhile, has disguised herself as a boy, and become Bryk’s apprentice. She persuades Bryk that all of his loves up to date have deceived him, and he eventually recognises Marie. At the Roman carnival, Marie appears on Bryk’s arm as his betrothed.

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