Lustige Krieg, Der

Operette in drei Akten von Wilhelm Sterk - fuer die Buehne musikalisch neueingerichtet von Felix Guenther

Composer: Strauss II, Johann 1825 - 1899

First performed in 1881, Der Lustige Krieg (The Merry War) is set in the first part of the eighteenth century in the garrisoned Mediterranean city of Massa. It concerns a dispute between two states. The ‘war’ between them is played out as a game of love between Colonel Umberto Spinola, the commander-in-chief of the Genoese army, and the widowed Countess Violetta. Despite the name of the operetta, there is no fighting or bloodshed in the ‘war’

2 (2 dbl picc). 1.2.a sax.2. / / perc / cel / hp / str


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