Spitzentuch der Koenigin, Das

Operette in drei Akten von Rud.Oesterreicher und Jul.Wilhelm. Fuer die Buehne musikalisch neu bearbeitet von Karl Pauspertl

Composer: Strauss II, Johann 1825 - 1899

Version: Original

Strauss’ 1880 operetta Das Spitzentuch der Königin (The Queen’s Lace Handkerchief) is the tale of a lace handkerchief, which belongs to a queen, a truffle pastry that sabotages a honeymoon, and a cameo appearance from Spanish novelist, poet, and playwright Miguel Cervantes - author of Don Quixote - in disguise as an innkeeper. Though perhaps not as familiar to modern audiences as Strauss’ other operettas, Das Spitzentuch der Königin is filled with many wonderful melodies, many of which Strauss incorporated into his famous waltz Roses from the South, which is regularly performed at the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s Day concert.

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