Little Dutch Girl, A

Operetta in three acts

Composer: Kalman, Emmerich 1882 - 1953

Version: English version by Harry Graham

Das Hollandweibchen (The Little Dutch Girl) was the operetta with which Kálmán followed his hugely popular Die Csárdásfürstin (1915). SYNOPSIS: 1920, the throne room of the German court of Sonneburg-Glücksburg. Princess Jutta, on her appointed wedding day, eagerly anticipates the arrival of her betrothed, Prince Paul, having fallen in love with him through correspondence and his portraits. However, the Prince does not arrive, and Jutta and Paul are married by proxy. In Act II, she goes looking for for him on his yacht in Holland, and in Act III, she dresses as a waitress and sets a trap for the Prince…

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