Gute Kamerad, Der

Operette in drei Akten von Victor Leon und Karl von Bakonyi.

Composer: Kalman, Emmerich 1882 - 1953

Version: Original

Der Gute Kamerad (1911) is the German version of Kálmán’s second operetta - Az obsitos (1910) - which changes the setting from Hungary to Austria. SYNOPSIS:  1859, the town of Gubendorf (Austria). Karoline and her daughter Marlene await the return of Franz, their son and brother, from war. Marlene is engaged to be married and cannot without Franz’s blessing. Unbeknownst to them, Franz is dead, and as he lay dying he had asked his best friend Alwin to go to his mother and sister to tell them that he loved them. Alwin travels to see them, but to save them from heartbreak, pretends to be Franz (as Franz has been gone for fifteen years, no one realizes the deception). Alwin and Marlene begin to fall in love, and he is forced to reveal his true identity. Alwin is then accepted into the family.

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