Gipsy Princess, The (Die Csardasfuerstin)

Operetta in three Acts

Composer: Kalman, Emmerich 1882 - 1953

Version: English Version by Nigel Douglas

Widely beloved and arguably Kálmán’s most successful work, his 1915 Die Csárdásfürstin (The Gipsy Princess) is still one of the most popular of all operettas on the Continent. The story tells of the love of famous cabaret star Sylva and Count Edwin, who cannot marry due to their differing social positions. His mother, Princess Karen, eventually saves the day with a last minute disclosure about her own past - it is discovered that she herself had been on the stage prior to marriage. Describes as one of the “pinnacles of Viennese operetta”, the score includes some of the most delightful operetta melodies ever written.

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