Kleine König, Der

Operette in drei Akten von Karl von Bakonyi und Franz Martos. Deutsche übersetzung und Gesangtexte von Robert Bodanzky.

Composer: Kalman, Emmerich 1882 - 1953

Version: Original

Der kleine König was premiered in Vienna in 1912. SYNOPSIS: 1912. In the studio of the ‘Little King’, Zaza, a ballerina, arrives having caught the attention of the king. At that time, the King had crossed paths with a beggar, Huck, and bestowed on him the position of baron. For now, however, the King is nowhere to be found, and there are reports that the daughter of one of the chief revolutionaries is within the city walls. The King returns from the opera, enchanted by singer Anita Montarini, awaiting her decision. He refuses to grant an audience to a group of angry citizens, who proceed to sing their revolutionary song on the streets, and it transpires that Anita - who arrives - is the revolutionary’s daughter, and that she has brought a bomb with her. She cannot, however, bring herself to kill the King. Revolutionary activities escalate, and the King is forced to abdicate…..

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