by Gray, Nicholas Stuart

  • a plays

Genre: Fantasy

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence World ex. US & Canada


Peter, a wounded soldier disbanded from the army, is homeless, hungry and alone. Due to the folly of a wicked old witch, a magic tinder box falls into Peter’s hands. Eventually he realises the tinder box has unlimited powers. He becomes a very wealthy and generous nobleman, and he falls in love with a picture of a princess. The king and queen have been told by a fortune teller that their daughter Gisella will marry a soldier. Horrified by this revelation they lock up their daughter for fear of her marrying such a commoner. Meanwhile, the witch will stop at nothing to find Peter and retrieve the box, and takes a job at the local palace as lady-in-waiting to the imprisoned princess. But with the help of his magical friends, Peter manages to combat the witch, win the hand of the princess and bring respectability to the ‘common soldier’.

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