by Gray, Nicholas Stuart

  • a plays

Genre: Fantasy

Cast 9 male 4 female

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence World


The kingdom of Christendom is under the influence of a terrible curse - everybody will remain incredibly stupid and vague until the stolen prince is returned. Two likeable rogues Perkin and Piers are captured by Christendom’s army and realise that with the help of an equally dense Genie they could make their fortunes in this scatty and nonsensical country. They convince the Emperor that they can fashion him a robe of the highest quality declaring that only stupid people could be unable to see the robe’s beauty - the Emperor and his citizens, not wishing to appear stupid, declare it is indeed a most impressive garment. When the Emperor discovers he’s been deceived he orders the two vagabonds be slung into the dungeons and have all their belongings taken away. An amulet is taken from Perkin which, twenty five years previously, was given to the baby prince before his disappearance. At this moment the spell is broken - the prince is home and common sense is restored!

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