Whether you have a small ensemble or access to huge performing forces, our catalogue provides a feast for the ears; our clients include major orchestras and broadcasters the world over, as well as a vast number of amateur performers and music theatre societies. Josef Weinberger’s concert catalogue is a wide-ranging one, with works from well-known composers and some treasures from those who are less well-known: Bach, Beethoven, Berg, Hough, Hugues, Patterson, Pert, Schubert, Sullivan, Williamson and Wolf-Ferrari.

Josef Weinberger was Mahler’s first publishing house and our catalogue includes a number of his works as well as his reworkings (or Retuschen) of the works of Beethoven and Schubert, Schumann and Smetana. Our homage to Mahler continues with Colin and David Matthews’ orchestration of a collection of 14 early songs that Mahler never orchestrated. The Weinberger catalogue also has Peter Rose and Anne Conlon’s musicals – African Jigsaw; Arabica; Ocean World; One Sun, One World; Song of Creation and Yanomamo. Written for young voices/school performers, each of the works has an important social theme at its heart!