by Aldridge, Ron

  • That's Love new

Genre: Comedy

Cast 4 male 2 female

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence World

ISBN 9780856763069

Are there really such things as ‘soul-mates’? Are certain people destined to be together? The Frank Daniels Trio were a reasonably successful singing and dancing variety trio in the 1970s. Frank, his beautiful wife Sarah and comic sidekick Tony - the perfect recipe for an evening’s entertainment - and for an entangled emotional love triangle.

We join the disbanded trio three decades later in a nursing home where Tony is terminally ill. Sarah, who married Frank despite being in love with Tony, has spent much of her life ruing her choices and in a series of flashbacks to the ‘good old days’, we see them as their younger selves performing the song and dance routines amidst the emotional rivalries of the trio. Over the course of visits to Tony this entertaining, and at times very moving play, sees Sarah finally reaching the decision she possibly should have taken years ago.

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