by Aldridge, Ron

  • Scared to Death new

Genre: Thriller

Cast 4 male 1 female

Length Full

Set Interior/Exterior

Licence World

ISBN 9780856763465

Now published and available from Josef Weinberger Plays!

The year is 1857. Will Nicholls, the owner of Nicholls Flour Mill, is an inveterate gambler. Desperately in debt, he raises the stakes at the weekly poker game. With the fate of his livelihood, his Mill and his marriage now resting on the turn of a card, the result of this card game leads to a story of betrayal, unrequited love, murder, revenge and ‘hauntings’. With ‘tricks, effects and illusions’ created by internationally renowned magician Paul Daniels, prepare to be taken on a journey of ‘ghostly goings-on’, and prepare to be . . .‘scared to death’.

“A gripping, well handled ghost story, the power of the story fully equals that of Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black. An extrordinary piece of theatre, visit this haunted house at your peril! – The Stage


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