by Wakefield, Colin & Leach, Roger

  • On Your Honour New

Genre: Farce

Cast 5 male 3 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence World in English

ISBN 9780856763151

Hugo Barnes QC desperately wants to be a High Court Judge and has organised a weekend conference called ‘Clean up the Bar’ to impress the new Lord Chancellor, Sir Harry Lumsden-Clark, a populist, homophobic bigot. Hugo’s friend and married colleague, Nick Willmott (who also happens to be Sir Harry’s son-in-law), has secretly invited a young solicitors’ secretary along for the weekend. This decision threatens Nick’s marriage, Hugo’s plans for a trouble-free conference, and both their reputations. Misunderstandings, narrow escapes and attempted sexual infidelity combine with an unusual undercurrent of family reconciliation, personal discovery and smoked salmon sandwiches in this hilarious new farce from the authors of An Audience with Murder.

On Your Honour was produced to critical acclaim at the Jermyn Street Theatre, London, in 2007.

“In these troubled times what a joy it is to find a brand new and extremely funny bedroom farce” - The Stage

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