MOTHER GOOSE (Wakefield/Edgar)

by Edgar, Kate & Wakefield, Colin

  • Mother Goose W-E

Genre: Pantomime

Cast 4 male 4 female

Length Full

Set Simple

Licence World in English

ISBN 9780856762253

Follow the adventures of Mother Goose and Cilla the magic goose! The wicked squire and the demoness hatch a plan to kidnap poor Cilla for her golden eggs. Their plans are thwarted when Mother Goose, her son Billy and his friend Jill come to the aid of Cilla. they return home with lessons learnt, richer in morals than in money. It’s good family fun with lots of audience participation so cheer at our heroes and boo at the baddies!

ALSO AVAILABLE: Another version of Mother Goose has a Victorian setting, and should be done in the style of a travelling victorian Theatre. This version has been written for a cast of nine principals and a small chorus.

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