by Patrick, John

  • DPS Tan

Genre: Comedy

Cast 12 male 9 female

Length Full

Set Open Stage

Licence UK & Ireland only

ISBN 9780822207115

Fast-moving and outrageously funny, this delightful play traces the trials and tribulations of a community theatre production of Macbeth, from casting rehearsals to the breathless deadline of opening night. Gathering experience before tackling the big-time in New York, director Larry Rencher has decided to undertake Macbeth drawing on his faithful and generally ham group of local theatre buffs. The role of Lady Macbeth is assigned to Dolly Dibble, whose husband owns the theatres, and the other parts are cast with similar logic. As rehearsals begin, so do the hilarious complications and misunderstandings until, harried and out of patience, the director storms off in a huff, leaving matters in the hands of a meddlesome newcomer. Can everything be pulled together in time for that fateful moment of opening night?

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