by Wakefield, Colin & Edgar, Kate

  • Little Red

Genre: Pantomime

Cast 4 male 3 female

Length Full

Set Simple

Licence World in English

ISBN 9780856762734

NARRATOR (M): Troubadour. Story-teller. Also plays the WOODCUTTER.
GRANNY (F): Eccentric and independent, but easily flattered. (Not a panto Dame).
MOTHER (F): Hardworking, loving, exasperated. Single Parent.
RED (F): Direct, plain-speaking, inclined to be bolshy. Teenager (about 14), but played by a young adult.
ROBIN (M): Her younger brother (about 12), also played by a young adult.
WOLF (M): Last of a long line. traces of aristocracy. Now sad and hungry. None toobright.
WEASEL (M): A wheeler-dealer. Spiv with his own agenda.

Sets: One frontcloth and three main settings (can be as simple or lavish as reqources allow).

“Sheer Joy from start to finish..A great combination of traditional and modern” (THE STAGE)

“The lost art of festive Theatre has been rediscovered in Winchester… The Theatre Royal’s Christmas show is one of the best you could hope to see anywhere: a superb but modestly-budgeted production that keeps the whole family gripped with its inspired but straightforward retelling of a well-known fairy tale.” (WINCHESTER CHRONICLE)

First performed at Winchester Theatre Royal on12th December 2002, produced by the Hiss and Boo Company.

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