Neugierigen Frauen, Die (Le donne curiose)

Musikalische Comoedie in drei Aufzuegen nach Carlo Goldoni von Graf Dr. Luigi Sugana - Deutsch von Hermann Teibler

Composer: Wolf-Ferrari, Ermanno 1876 - 1948

Version: Original

First performed in Munich in November 1903, Die neugierigen Frauen/Le donne curiose (Inquisitive Women) is one of Wolf-Ferrari’s earliest operas, and one of the works which helped him to achieve international fame. SYNOPSIS:  Set in Venice, and based loosely on Carlo Goldoni’s play of the same name, Le donne curiose tells of a group of women and the doings of their husbands and sweethearts at a club from which they are excluded. A series of incidents ensue in which the women (the wives by rifling the pockets of their husbands, the maidens by wheedling, cajoling, and playing upon the feelings of their sweethearts) obtain the keys of the club-room, and effect an entrance only to find that instead of gambling, harbouring mistresses, seeking the philosopher’s stone, or digging for treasure - as is variously suspected - the men are enjoying an innocent supper.

2 (2 dbl picc).2.2.2. / / timp / perc / hp / str Stage Music: 2 Mdlns / Gtr / Bass

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