Walzer aus Wien

Singspiel in drei Akten von Dr. A M Willner, Heinz Reichert und Ernst Marischka. Musikalische Einrichtung von E W Korngold

Composer: Strauss I, Johann

Version: Original

This story of the tension between Strauss the elder and Strauss the younger, engendered by the son’s ambitions to succeed his father as the Waltz King of Vienna, is delightfully woven around a collection of some of the greatest light music ever composed. It tells of the star-crossed romance between young Johann and the attractive daughter of an engagingly-eccentric pastry-cook, and involves a helpfully-intriguing Countess and other endearing characters. Climaxed of course by the immortal Blue Danube, this is a feast of the music that set the whole world dancing.

2 (2 dbl picc).2.2.2. / / timp / perc / acc / mand / cel / hp / str

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