Cagliostro in Wien

Operette in drei Akten von F. Zell und R. Genee

Composer: Strauss I, Johann

Version: Original (fuer die Buehne musikalisch neu eingerichtet von Erich Wolfgang Korngold - neue Texte von Dr. Ludwig Herzer)

Cagliostro in Wien was premiered on 27 February 1875 at the famous Theater an der Wien, and was Strauss’ follow-up to the hugely successful Die Fledermaus. It tells the story of Count Alessandro di Cagliostro, the infamous 18th century Italian adventurer, who was also the subject of a comic opera by Adolphe Adam, and has been described as “one the most enigmatic and talked about figures in Italian culture.” Erich Korngold’s arrangement of the operetta was first performed in Vienna in 1927.

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