Robinson Crusoe

Opera Comique in 3 Actes

Composer: Offenbach, Jacques 1819 - 1880

Version: English version by Don White

Loosely adapted from the novel by Daniel Defoe, Offenbach’s Robinson Crusoe (1867) was written during one of the composer’s most prolific periods. SYNOPSIS: Robinson Crusoe, a man from Bristol, sets out to South America to seek a fortune for his fiancée, Edwige, and his family. Six years laters, on a desert island, Crusoe has one companion - Friday - whom he rescued just as he was being sacrificed to the gods by the indigenous cannibal tribe. Meanwhile Edwige, along with Crusoe’s servants Suzanne and Toby, arrives to look for Robinson, also having been attacked by pirates. Toby and Suzanne, captured by the cannibals, are presented to the cannibals’ chef, Jim, who also turns out to be from Bristol. He tells them that they will be the cannibals’ meal that evening. At sunset, Edwige is brought in by natives, who believe that she is a goddess. Friday spies all this, and falls in love with Edwige. When the fire is lit, he lets off Robinson’s pistol and rescues Edwige, Suzanne, Toby and Jim. The following day, Robinson fools the pirates with a story of buried treasure in the jungle and the pirates go off to find it, only to be caught by the cannibals. Robinson next wields the pirates’ guns and the pirates plead to be saved. Robinson agrees, and all set sail for Bristol once again, with Captain Atkins marrying Robinson and Edwige at sea.

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