Belle Helene, La

Composer: Offenbach, Jacques 1819 - 1880

Version: Operatic Society version Operetta in three acts from the original by H. Meilhac and L. Halevy New book and lyrics by Phil Park Music by Jacques Offenbach Music adapted and arranged by Ronald Hanmer

The second of Offenbach’s highly diverting satires on a well-known legend, La belle Hélène was an instant success with both the public and the critics upon its opening in 1864. The action takes place (without any regard for credibility) in unspecified ancient times in a unlikely ancient Greece, and concerns the abduction of the fair Helen by the Prince of Troy - aided and abetted by a wily oracle-worker, who outwits Helen’s much deceived husband and an assortment of royal Grecian heroes. The score includes some of Offenbach’s best-loved melodies.

FLUTE : OBOE : 2 CLARINETS : BASSOON : 2 HORNS : 2 TRUMPETS : 2 TROMBONES : PERCUSSION (Timpani, Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Cymbals, Triangle, Glock, Xylophone) : HARP : 3 VIOLIN I : 2 VIOLIN II : VIOLA : CELLO : BASS : OPTIONAL Nos. 5, 13, 17a.

Vocal material from Faber


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