Les Quatres Rustres (Die Vier Grobiane)

Opera en trois actes d'apres Goldoni

Composer: Wolf-Ferrari, Ermanno 1876 - 1948

Version: Traduction francaise: Henri Rebois

Arguably Wolf-Ferrari’s most successful full-length work, I quattro rusteghi/Die Vier Grobiane (School for Fathers was first performed in Munich on March 19, 1906, and is still regularly performed. SYNOPSIS: Venice, eighteenth century. Four curmudgeonly husbands vainly attempt to keep their women in order. The women decide to teach their menfolk a lesson by allowing Lunado’s daughter Lucieta to see Filipeto, the son of Maurizio, before their pre-arranged marriage, even though the men have forbidden this.

2(2 dbl picc).2.2.2. / / timp / perc / hp / str

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