Doctor Cupid (Liebhaber als Arzt, Der / L'Amore Medico)

A Musical Comedy in three acts. Text by Enrico Golisciani after Moliere's L'amour Medecin

Composer: Wolf-Ferrari, Ermanno 1876 - 1948

Version: English Version by Claude Aveling

Wolf-Ferrari’s comic opera Der Liebhaber als Arzt/ L’Amore Medico opened in Dresden in December 1913. SYNOPSIS: Arnoldo’s daughter, Lucinda, longs for love, but her possessive father keeps her secluded from any possible suitors. He thinks that her ailment is merely physical and will pass. Lisetta, Lucinda’s maid, thinks she’s lovesick, lonely, and in need of a husband. Clitandro loves Lucinda and serenades her. She loves him too, but does not know what to do. Lisetta tells Arnoldo that Lucinda has become ill. Arnoldo sends for help and asks for the best doctors. Four doctors prescribe four different courses of treatment for Lucinda. Lisetta insults all of them, so that they leave, and calls for Clitandro. Disguised as a doctor, he is introduced to Arnolfo, and brings Lucinda flowers. Clitandro reports his diagnosis to Arnoldo: Lucinda is having love-hallucinations, for which the only remedy is a mock marriage. He offers to ‘pretend’ to be the bridegroom, and Arnoldo consents. Clitandro arranges a wedding, and an actual marriage takes place.

2+picc. 2+ca. 2+bc. 2. / / timp / perc / hp / str Stage Music: 1+picc. 0.2.2. / / perc / hp / spinet / str

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