Dollar Princess (Die Dollarprinzessin)

Operetta in Three Acts. Original book and lyrics by A.M. Willner und Fritz Gruenbaum. English book and lyrics by Phil Park, adapted by Adam Carstairs.

Composer: Fall, Leo 1873 - 1925

Version: English version by Phil Park, adapted by Adam Carstairs to correspond to the original version.

One of the operettas that catapulted Leopold Fall to success, and still one of his most popular and most-performed works, his 1907 Die Dollarprinzessin concerns the hapless love of Alice, daughter of a wealthy coal magnate, for the philandering Freddy. Their romance is complemented by a cast of colourful characters and – of course - a secondary love plot. Successful productions of Die Dollarprinzessin ran both in London and on Broadway in 1909, and it remains in the opera company repertoire to this day.

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