Bruderlein Fein

Alt-Wiener Singspiel in einem Akt von Julius Wilhelm

Composer: Fall, Leo 1873 - 1925

Version: Original

Bruderlein Fein (1909) is one of Leo Fall’s earlier operettas. It tells the story of real-life composer Joseph Drechsler, who is celebrating his fortieth wedding anniversary with his wife Toni. They reminisce about when they were young, reminded by the song “His Brother”, which plays on a music box.

Original Orchestration: 3 (3 dbl Picc).2.2.2. / / Timp / Perc / Hp / Str Stage Music Small Orchestration: / / Pno / Str

Full Version: V/S O/S Lib Small Orch: F/S O/S