Who's afraid of operetta?

09 July 2015

Widow Met

It’s always interesting to see which companies programme what works and, in particular, which companies programme operetta.

It has often been the case that opera companies have programmed operettas with singers who are “a little over their best”, but it should be noted that there is a real art to singing operetta with the correct style and flair that it deserves.

The Merry Widow is one name that people will recognise as an operetta, but there are so many interesting (and at times exotic) works that are worth a look at. From Die Blume von Hawaii (The Flowers of Hawaii) through to Die Herzogin von Chicago (The Duchess of Chicago), there is a treasure trove of delightful works to explore.

Alan Titchmarsh’s piece in The Telegraph is an interesting read and, as the title of his article states, “Don’t be a snob about operetta”...!