by Knott, Frederick

  • DPS Grape

Genre: Thriller

Cast 7 male 2 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence UK & Ireland only

ISBN 9780822212799

Rodingham Manor is the stately home of Clive and David Rodingham, two brothers who inherit the family fortunes upon the death of their father. Following his death early on, the brothers meet Charles and Julie Sturrock, a businessman and his wife, a would-be thriller writer. David is also a writer, whose strength is plot ¾ and as Sturrock is anxious to involve David in property deals, he encourages him to co-author a murder story with Julie. It isn’t long before Julie and David, with what seems to be unintentional help from Sturrock, dream up the perfect crime. Sturrock’s motives are less than certain, and when Clive sells Rodingham Manor to Sturrock and leaves for America and an heiress, the plot thickens until every twist and turn leads to an intricate maze of clues. But who is double-crossing whom? From the author of Dial M for Murder and Wait Until Dark comes one of the most ingenious thrillers ever written.


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