by Blessing, Lee

  • Acting Edition 6

Genre: Drama

Cast 2 male

Length Full

Set Exterior

Licence UK & Ireland only

ISBN 9780822212201

A long running West End and Broadway success which examines a subject of crucial importance to the modern world - the superpower negotiations of nuclear disarmament. In the woods on the outskirts of Geneva, an American and a Russian arms negotiator meet informally after long talks at the bargaining table. The Russian, Botvinnik, is urbane and humorous though cynical as to what results the talks can bring about. Honeyman, his American counterpart, is a newcomer to the negotiation table and an idealist, convinced of the value of hard, honest bargaining. As the seasons change and the arms talks drag on, the two men continue their meetings in the woods and through their absorbing conversations we sense the growing understanding and mutual admiration developing between the two, and also the increasing frustration which confines them both. One of the most provocative and important plays of our time.

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