by Horne, Kenneth

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Genre: Comedy

Cast 3 male 2 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence World ex. US & Canada

ISBN 9780856760785

Alberto Verani is outraged when his wife announces she wants to go on holiday with a girlfriend in order to escape him and the domestic routine of their marriage. He is not convinced when she claims it will bring the romance back into their lives, and decides to get his own back; he will court the desirable Countess Arduini with a bouquet of two dozen red roses every day until his wife returns from her escapades. But the plan backfires and before Marina Verani departs, she discovers the roses her husband has purchased, and assumes that they have arrived for her from a secret admirer. Swept away by the romance of the gesture, Marina decides to cancel her trip and await further offerings from her ‘mystery man’. Alberto becomes aware of the mix-up, and decides to use it to his advantage and test his wife’s loyalty to him by courting her secretly with love letters and flowers… would she betray her husband for another man? A highly enjoyable marital comedy.

Excluding USA and Canada


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