by Holm, John Cecil

  • DPS orange

Genre: Comedy

Cast 11 male 4 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence UK & Ireland only

ISBN 9780822211396

One of the most successful comedies of the American theatre, about a hen-pecked husband from the suburbs who becomes caught up in the clutches of big-time horse betting. Although Erwin Trowbridge has an uninspiring job writing greeting card verses for a living, he has a special talent for picking winners - even though he never places a bet. When Erwin inadvertently falls into the company of two men and a woman whose ‘profession’ is betting on the horses they decide to exploit their new find to the limit. Matters with Erwin and his companions come to a climax when one of them suspects him of double-crossing, and he insists on Erwin’s betting on a horse to prove that he is straight. Erwin declares he will lose his power if he bets, and that is indeed what happens. He knows he will never again be able to pick winning horses; the poet in him predominates and he is happy to return home to his loving wife.


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