by Anker, Charlotte & Rosenberg, Irene

  • a plays

Genre: Drama

Cast 1 male 4 female

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence World ex. US & Canada


Joan Simmons, the wife of an American diplomat posted to a Latin American capital, becomes increasingly attached to Gatita, an orphan girl whom she discovers scavenging in the Simmons’ rubbish bins. Taking pity on the girl, Joan welcomes her into the household as one of the family in spite of her husband’s protestations. When political tensions arise, the family is returned to Washington accompanied by Gatita. In the American capital, her streetwise behaviour begins to influence the Simmons’ daughters, leading to increasing strain as Gatita’s actions become more and more outrageous. The crisis point is finally reached in the play’s powerful climax and we gradually become aware of the haunting parallels between the Simmons’ “Third Child” and the events within the Third World country from which she originates.


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