by Nash, Richard

  • DPS Tan

Genre: Drama

Cast 21 female

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence UK & Ireland only


An exciting play for twenty one women. The scene is a fashionable Junior College for young women, and the story shows how a sincere and intelligent alumna returns to her Alma Mater with her idealistic younger sister, who enters as a student. The director of the college, a conscientious elderly woman, is responsible to a hard-headed board of directors, one of whom has a daughter who is a student. This student, a twisted and jealous girl, uses the threat of her father’s influence to throw a suspicion of guilt on two students, not to mention a servant, all of whom are innocent. One of the students implicated refuses to be blackmailed and the director of the college must face the issue of compromising with her own best standards of right and wrong. Eventually she takes matters into her own hands, and decides—with the help of the alumna and the latter’s sister—to stand by her guns. The director, though she realizes at last that the alumna is right in fighting compromise and deceit, has not the courage to see the fight through to the end, though the alumna and her sister do. Incidentally, one of the forms of blackmail used by the unscrupulous girl who precipitates the crisis is to force a Jewish girl, whose religion has been concealed, to do her bidding.


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