by Percy, Edward

  • Shop at Sly corner

Genre: Suspense

Cast 6 male 4 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence World

ISBN 9780856760877

After a crime-riddled past, Descius Heiss settles in London and to all appearances is a respectable gentleman. His chief aim is to provide happiness and security for his gifted daughter Margaret, who has been brought up in complete ignorance of her father’s past. Ostensibly, Heiss runs an antique shop - but he is actually involved in a black market of buying and selling stolen jewels. Archie Fellows, the ambitious and unscrupulous shop assistant, stumbles upon Descius’ secret, and sets about blackmailing him. Unable to cope with the pressure of Archie’s hold, and with the fear his daughter may discover the truth, Heiss murders his assistant. Driven by a guilty desperation and fear of exposure from investigations by Scotland Yard, Heiss believes there is only one option open to him, and will die to protect his daughter from the past. ‘This is a profitable appointment with fear.’ - Punch.


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