by Cizmar, Paula & Filloux, Catherine & Kriegel, Gail & Mack, Carol K & Margraff, Ruth & Smith, Anna Deavere & Yankowitz, Susan

  • DPS cream new

Genre: Performance Piece

Cast 7 female

Length Full

Set Open Stage

Licence UK and Ireland only

ISBN 9780822223511

A collaboration of seven award-winning women playwrights, SEVEN is based on personal interviews with seven women leaders of the Vital Voices Global Partnership network who have triumphed over huge obstacles to create major changes in human rights in their home countries. In the seven interwoven stories we see the commonality of challenge and of bravery, and in the individual monologues that follow, we experience each fascinating whole true story.

“Riveting, explosive, and inspiring drama…starkly emotive…reaffirm[s] the belief that one person could indeed make a difference.”—Huffington Post. “It was impossible not to be inspired by the widely varying examples of courage that the project corralled.” —Washington Post. “[A] coherent testimony of fundamental, frightening and shameful oppression of women all over the world—in the name of traditional economical, political and physical male power…It is an overwhelming experience to hear these women through the actors: brief, unsentimental, universal and personal. One cries. And becomes a little wiser.” —Dagens Nyheter (Sweden).


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