by Gordon, Peter

  • Seeds of Doubt New

Genre: Comedy

Cast 3 male 3 female

Length Full

Set Exterior

Licence World

ISBN 9780856761393

From the author of Out Of Focus and Murdered to Death, the play is set in the garden of Alan and Claire’s suburban house. Alan attempts to tend his vegetable plot, but his peace of mind is lumbered not only with his impending fortieth birthday, but also because he harbours suspicions about Claire’s fidelity. The sanctity of his garden is further upset by the constant squabbles of their next door neighbour Jill and her boyfriend Dave. When a secret message falls into the wrong hands, a chain reaction of events begins which takes in not only the two couples but also two other friends, the well meaning but inept Derek, and Sarah, recently separated from her husband. Alan’s doubts are temporarily eased by a surprise birthday party, but the party only serves to throw the other relationships into turmoil. Events are sorted out the following day, but the seeds of doubt have been planted and the final outcome remains anything but certain.

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