by Saunders, Peter

  • Scales of Justice New

Genre: Drama

Cast 9 male 3 female

Length Full

Set 2 Interior Sets

Licence World

ISBN 9780856761348

Based on a true story,  Scales of Justice is a fascinating exploration of the nature of British justice and sense of fair play. At the height of the 1914-18 war between Great Britain and Germany, Hans Muhler, a recently naturalised German, is interned. After his release he claims that his internment was the work of Richard Neville, a prominent Member of Parliament who has also taken over his business. Muhler decides to sue Neville for fraud, but in war-time England he has difficulty in finding any one willing to represent him except a young and inexperienced barrister. As the second half of the play moves into the courtroom and finds Muhler’s case facing a defence composed of the best available councillors in the country, can the scales of justice possibly remain balanced? ‘.... receives the unanimous verdict of “entertaining”.’ [The Stage]


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