by Godber, John

  • Office Party New

Genre: Comedy

Cast 4 male 3 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence World ex. US & Canada

ISBN 9780856761683

Everyone has a different story to tell - or forget, in some cases - about the annual office party. John Godber’s latest play pays a visit to the offices of Chapman & Howard, a small marketing firm, just in time for the annual bash when the traditional bonhomie quickly gives way to titillations and tears. From the opening moments, when the first eager few have arrived to kick off the celebrations of clinching a prestigious and lucrative account, we see the growing sense of both professional and personal frustrations among the copywriters, accountants, graphic artists, secretaries and the managing director himself as everyone tries to get into the party spirit, all the time misreading body language and other signals, culminating in a party night they’d all rather forget. Just who will show their face tomorrow - and more important, who won’t - or will they simply let the photocopier’s record of the evening speak for itself? The Office Party offers a hilariously funny yet poignant exploration of just exactly why people behave as they so often do when faced with self-consciousness - and over-confidence - in such circumstances.

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