by Whelan, Peter & Alexander, Bill

  • Nativity New

Genre: Nativity Play

Cast 10 male 6 female

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence World ex. US & Canada

ISBN 9780856762475

This version of the Nativity story was a special commission by Birmingham Repertory Theatre for their Millennium celebrations, and as the curtain rises on the engagement party for Mary and Joseph it’s clear the audience is in for a treat as actors and dancers set a magical tone for the story. Soon after Mary is visited by the archangel Gabriel who tells her she’s carrying the son of God. Her resolve in this belief is sorely tested by her family and upon his return from Jerusalem, Joseph’s initial depair turns to belief and joy when he, too, is visited by Gabriel. Despire the misgivings of their parents the wedding goes ahead as planned. Embarking to Bethlehem to pay taxes, Joseph and a heavily pregnant Mary arrive to find no lodgings anywhere. They are finally taken in by the kindly Boaz and his wife Sara, who despite having no room to speak find them space with the animals in the manger where Mary gives birth. Word has spread from the astrologer’s convention to Herod’s court of the new baby king, and following the arrival in Bethlehem of three wise men from the East, Joseph and Mary quickly flee with their newborn child to avoid Herod’s determined attempts to rid the world of his baby rival. Constantly guarded by the angel Gabriel, they arrive safely in Egypt to live in exile, where Mary is visited in her dreams by the image of Cleopatra. When word finally reaches the trio of Herod’s death, the young Jesus is able to return home to his awaiting people in triumphant joy.


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