by Isitt, Debbie

  • Nasty Neighbours new

Genre: Comedy

Cast 3 male 3 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence World

ISBN 9780856762130

A terrifically thrilling black comedy examining the stresses and strains of modern life in the 1990’s, Nasty Neighbours bursts into life following the emigration of Mr and Mrs Peach’s neighbours the Hodges to Australia. The grieving Peaches anxiously twitch behind the net curtains at their semi-detached home wondering who will arrive next door to take their place. But Mr and Mrs Chapman prove to be far from the ideal couple the Peaches had dreamed of. The Chapmans are rude, loud and aggressive, and with growing frustration Mr Peach embarks on a massive feud with his new neighbours. The problems escalate out of all proportion, even including the harassment of his old neighbours on the other side of the world. It isn’t long before all three couples are tearing each other apart and in a terrifying climax Mr Peach sets out to show the Chapmans just how nasty a neighbour can be ...


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