by Lewis, David

  • Monkeys Uncle New

Genre: Farce

Cast 4 male 3 female

Length Full

Set Interior

Licence World in English

ISBN 9780856762901

Monkey’s Uncle examines the mayhem caused when our animal instincts come into conflict with our civilised veneers. Monkey’s Uncle begins with the great farceur Georges Feydeau struggling to cope – with the deadline looming for his new farce, a whirlwind of wives, mistresses and desperate associates engulfs him as his latest plot and his hectic life begin to merge into one, spinning furiously forward into the 21st Century.

Troubled marriages, rampant affairs, professional jealousy and an organ grinder’s monkey are just some of the ingredients of the clever farce from the Pearson Playwright’s Award-winning author of Misconceptions, Bad Faith, Greenwash, Hurting and How to be Happy, all of which premiered at Richmond’s Orange Tree Theatre.

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