by Foote, Horton

  • DPS Tan

Genre: Drama

Cast 2 male 5 female

Length Short

Set Flexible

Licence UK & Ireland only


The play is set in a boarding house in a small town on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Three unmarried women, Alma Jean, Cutie and Miss Rowena, have lived there for years, watching the life of the town. Helen Crews, after a disagreement with her mother, also moves in; Helen had been engaged to Harvey Weems, a charming but weak young man, and the two mothers had managed to break off the engagement. Now Harvey, in love with Helen, but not strong enough to defy his mother, comes every night to Helen’s window to call her name. Ralph Johnston, an attractive young man, has just moved to town, and into the boarding house, where he becomes very much interested in Helen. Thanks to Ralph’s love, Helen is at last able to leave the town and go off to a happy life of her own and marriage, and Harvey, the midnight caller, is left behind, still calling for her.


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