by Vooght, Cherry

  • Little Green Shoots New

Genre: Light Drama

Cast 5 male 5 female

Length Full

Set Exterior

Licence World

ISBN 9780856762451

The latest play from the author of A Seat in the Park is located among the garden-like environment of the Eden Grove Allotment. For nearly fifty it has provided a welcome respite from the stresses and strains of urban life. The many allotment holders have not only shared in the planting and growing, but in the relaxation and companionship the allotments offer, courtesy of a lively social club at the centre of allotment life. As plans near for the 50th anniversary celebrations among the members, the group are horrified to learn that a representative from the local council has brought news that the land is wanted to develop luxury homes. Despite the property being left in trust and the allotment members decision not to sell at any price, the council and the powerful builders threaten to obtain the land by any means available. Some members quickly organise a local media blitz which starts positively enough, but soon members’ plots are being vandalised during the night. It isn’t long before serious recriminations develops from both sides, and when a mysterious fire destroys one of the chalets, suspicions and mistrust reach the limit, culminating in an open meeting among the allotment holders and representatives of the council and the building firm. The tense stalemate is finally resolved through a surprising and unexpected denouement, and all sides are left pondering a future few of them expected to see.

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